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Sams pest control is the best and professional pest management company in Adelaide SA, known for mordern-day pest control services for residential and commercial areas in Adelaide and surronding suburbs. Your one call will end all pest problems.

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    Why Sams Pest Control Adelaide is South Australia’s #1 Choice?

    Pest Control Adelaide

    Sams Pest Control

    The Professional Pest Control And Management Company In Adelaide (SA)

    Sams Pest Control Adelaide is a professional pest management company. We specialize in protecting your property with advanced pest control treatments in Adelaide. Our pest control Adelaide team has immense knowledge about pest types, behaviors, and their nestings also we hold Certificate III in Urban Pest Management. We apply leading techniques and solutions to control nasty creepy crawlies on your property. We offer trusted and long-lasting pest treatments for both residential well as commercial places in Adelaide. So, you can call us for an effective and prompt solution for all of your pest issues.

    Talking about our complete & customized pest control services. Our experts can take care of each and every service- be it an inspection, control, or removal. Also, we are ready to give you emergency services as well. Our company offers same-day services in general and takes bookings 24 by 7 in Adelaide. Also, we can assist you with advanced pest controls for large-scale properties.

    Call us if you are facing pest problems like ants, termites, rats, mice, bed bugs, spiders, birds or buzzing insects. We offer pet and family-friendly services.

    In addition to this, we are popular for offering pest-free places to clients by using up-to-date technology. It further helps in safeguarding your employees, clients, or family from the bad effects of pest nestings.

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    Get Pest Treatment Services At Pocket-Friendly Prices In Adelaide

    We have been providing all kinds of pest control in Adelaide for years. Hence, our company has built trust with the people here. We make sure that all our services come at an affordable price. As we aim that everyone has access to our pest control services.

    Domestic Pest Control Services

    The most common pests found in domestic areas are cockroaches, rodents, ants and possums. Importantly they have a direct effect on human health. Similarly, pests can be harmful to kids and pets. We have effective domestic and local pest control services available near you. The pesticides and insecticides we use are harmless and toxic-free. Our services will promote hygiene in your home. Therefore, get your hands on our specialised domestic pest control services today.

    Commercial Pest Control Services

    Commercial places like offices, restaurants, malls and other businesses can greatly get affected by pests. Expensive damage to furniture, building, walls, floorings and other areas is possible. Professional help will keep the pests in check and prevent any further damage. Hence we do provide commercial pest and insect control services as well. Fortunately, all services are at pocket-friendly prices. Book your affordable pest control quotations today.

    Pest Management Solutions

    We have integrated pest management solutions. We use a variety of techniques and pesticides. Our team will make a tailor-made plan according to the pest situation. We take in factors like level of infestation size of property, location, level of damage and type of pests while deciding on the pest control plan. Get your customized non-toxic pest control and pest management plan today.

    Residential Commercial Pest Control In Adelaide

    Complete Pest Control And Management Solutions For Residential & Commercial Properties In Adelaide

    Pest control has become a necessity. Different types of pests cause various damages that can be life-threatening. SAMS Pest Control Adelaide is a leading pest control company in Adelaide. We protect homes and offices from all kinds of pests. Our pest control Adelaide services are available in all residential and commercial areas. We have knowledgeable and trained pest controllers and exterminators. We deliver fast and effective pest control treatments. Our services apply to all types of pests. For example, termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, bees, wasps, rodents and possums. And our team can treat any pest problem.

    Firstly, we have fully licenced, insured and certified pest professionals. We aim to provide safe and effective pest control methods using the latest technology. Our services will safeguard your property and keep it pest free. Moreover, we have a customer service team available all around the clock in Adelaide. You can make bookings any time and clear out your queries with our help. Call us on our customer care number (08 7184 0913) for further information.

    Sams Pest Control Adelaide Offers Exclusive Deals on Pest Inspection and Treatment Services

    Pests are creatures you will never want to be present in your house. Thus, offering pest control options is essential to preventing these little creatures from entering your house. Mice, termites, cockroaches, fleas, and bed bugs are pests that can affect people physically and constitute a hazard to their health. Expert pest control is therefore necessary. You can reach out to Sams Pest Control if you need professional pest inspection and removal services. We have intense knowledge of dealing with all sorts of pests and that with a unique approach. We have qualified pest control Adelaide professionals to eradicate nasty pests from your property.

    If you are tense about your health due to pests, simply call on 08 7184 0913. We are ready to help you round the clock. Also, we provide free quotes over a call to help you. Thus, count on us for the best pest control service in Adelaide.

    Wide Range of Pest Control Services in Adelaide

    As there are hundreds of pest species in Adelaide. Knowing about all types is impossible. Luckily, we have different experts for dealing with your issues. We majorly cover all the past issues. Have a look at a few of the pest control we provide:

    Bee Removal Adelaide

    Bee Removal Adelaide

    Additionally, we can assist you in getting rid of bees from your house. Our staff has years of expertise in removing bees and bee nests from various locations.

    Spider Control Adelaide

    Spider Control Adelaide

    We provide all of our clients the service of spider eradication at very reasonable pricing. So, if you want the most excellent service, get in touch with us right now.

    Rodent Control Adelaide

    Rodent Control Adelaide

    Rodents cause a lot of nuisance in the house. Ping us immediately for prompt rodent removal service in Adelaide.

    Bird Control Adelaide

    Bird Control Adelaide

    Birds are soothing to hear. But if you have it’s an invasion. It can cause a lot of trouble. Moreover, it causes a lot of infections with them. So, hire our experts right now.

    Mice Control Adelaide

    Mice Control Adelaide

    Call us right now to receive our highly affordable pest treatment for mice control services. The members of our team will eliminate roaches even from the hiding place.

    Ant Control Adelaide

    Ant Control Adelaide

    If you have a lot of leftovers then there are a lot of chances of ant infestation. Ant comes in the search of food and shelter. Thus your home becomes a perfect spot. If you have ant invasion then avail of our emergency service.

    Wasp Removal Adelaide

    Wasp Removal Adelaide

    Our Pest Control Adelaide experts have a wealth of expertise in exterminating wasps from homes. Additionally, our staff strives to offer every customer a cost-effective pest control solution.

    What to expect when you call us for

    Emergency Pest Control Adelaide Service?

    If you are going to have pest control done for the very first time, please know that it is a comprehensive process. Below we have shared what you can expect from us:

    Quick Pest Inspection

    Our pest exterminator will begin the process with a complete inspection of the place. Additionally, we may ask you about areas where you have seen any pest activity. Our inspectors will search for pests in all the breeding and dwelling places & check if there is any pest damage or allergies. Once the inspection is done, we will share with you what we found and suggest the best possible solution or control method.

    Best Pest Treatment

    As per the outcome of pest inspection of your place, the control may be restricted to a particular space where the insect or pest is living & growing. On the other hand, the control may be broad throughout the property or home. We apply a variety of pesticide sprays and methods to avoid pests completely.

    Documentation and Follow Up

    As we finish the control, we will inspect everything that has been done by us and give you a detailed report outlining the control. Moreover, our professional pest controllers will also share a few pest prevention tips. Also, you can call us for follow-ups and check-ups. Our friendly staff will happily solve all your queries

    Warning Signs Of Pest and Termite Infestation

    Warning Signs Of Pest and Termite Infestation

    There are many indications to know whether there is a pest or termite invasion:

    • You can feel uneasiness in resting on the couch because of bed bugs.
    • The furniture wood becomes hollow from the inside.
    • A lot of bird droppings in the parking due to bird invasion.
    • Food bites all over the property.
    • Ants walk over the uncovered foodstuff.
    • Holes in the nets.

    If you see any of such signs. You can simply ring us. We will reach you as quickly as feasible.

    Reliable Pest Control Options To Protect Your Family From Pests

    Pests in homes or offices have great consequences. They cause damage to the property and can create an unhygienic environment. Hence, professional help can help you in these situations. We take a step-by-step approach to pest control. Firstly, we do a thorough of your property. Secondly, our team will choose the most effective pest control treatment according to your situation. Furthermore, our pest control Adelaide team will keep you informed about the methods and pesticides we will use. Thus, our pest control methods will protect your family from pests. Also, we will help in preventing the pests as well. All our pest controllers are friendly and helpful. They will keep your requirements at top priority. Avoid the dangers of pests and call our professionals for help today.

    Avail Our High-grade Termite Inspection and Treatment in Adelaide

    Termites can make a lot of structural damage to your property. Termites are known to eat up the wood making it hollow. And as we all know that most of our furniture is of wood. That means having termite invasion is a very breaking point for money. If you need to save your credentials, reach us right now. We are available round the clock to help you. We ask for a minimal amount of fee for our pest control service. Our Pest Control Adelaide team is an expert in inspecting and treating the place. We use natural pest control Adelaide solutions to eliminate all the termites. No matter how small the termites are. We will eradicate even a single termite from your place. To ensure effective termite control in Adelaide, we give follow-up visits. So, count on us and appoint us soon.

    We Have Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods In Adelaide

    All our services include using eco-friendly pest control methods. It is safe for the environment as well as kids. We make sure that the pesticide we use is toxic-free. Hence, all our pest control Adelaide services are done by using green pesticides and chemicals. Here are some of the eco-friendly pest control methods we use in Adelaide:-

    Fumigation Services

    Fumigation is a method used for excessive pest infestation. It is done by using gaseous pesticides or termiticides. The affected area is enclosed thoroughly so that the pests are trapped. Then the gas is released which will suffocate the pests. This way every pest is exterminated safely and effectively. And our fumigation services are performed by well-trained technicians. Hence, you will receive the best results.

    End-of-lease Pest Control Treatments

    Looking for end-of-lease pest control services in Adelaide? Our company offers end-of-lease services as well. An agreement is signed between tenant and owner that the tenant will receive the bond money only when the property is left in good condition. We understand the importance of bond money. You can get a pest-free property in no time with our help. Our team will arrive on the same day or your desired time and perform the best pest control. Moreover, we have affordable costs for our pest control Adelaide services. Call us today.

    Pre-purchase Pest Control Solutions

    One of the best ways to prevent pests is to perform pre-purchase pest control. Some pest preventive measures can be done during construction or before purchasing a new property. Hence, if you are moving into a new property, you can try our pre-purchase pest control services. Hence, you will be provided with a pest-free home. Moreover, no hassle of pest infestation.

    Pests sprays and Sanitisation Services

    Since pests contribute to an unhygienic environment. Therefore, one of the ways to prevent this is by using our effective pest spray service. And then sanitizing the property thoroughly. Therefore, invest in professional pest control services today. And receive a hassle-free experience!

    termite pest control and treatment adelaide

    South Australia’s #1, Serving Homes and Business For More Than 30 Years

    Our Pest Control Adelaide professionals have years of education. Therefore, we have complete knowledge of pests and pest control. Moreover, our team is in this industry for more than 30 years. Therefore, we are masters at dealing with all types of pests. Be it a cockroach or a bird. We are experts in eliminating all. Also, we are accessible to serve you in every location.

    • Residential Pest Control Services in Adelaide– Places like schools, hospitals, companies, cafes, malls, or groceries. We are available to give you the service to all the residential properties. We use the latest and high-power technology. Therefore our work is of high quality and is prompt. Thus, reach us as soon as possible to book our appointment.
    • Commercial Pest Control Services in Adelaide– Similarly to the private homes we are ready to serve 24 by 7. You can make your reservation any time. We will reach your doorsteps within an hour of booking. Also, we use safe pest control solutions. Hence are safe for you and your family.

    Also Available With The Same Day Pest Control and Treatment in Adelaide Hills

    Are you looking for same-day pest treatment near Adelaide Hills? You have come to the correct place. Our pest control company provides effective, same-day advanced pest control service. Simply ring us and book a schedule. We will reach you very soon.

    Our professionals are renowned for providing outstanding customer service. Our staff is also accessible round the clock. As a result, we may perform our service on the same day as your booking. We never charge extra for same-day or emergency service. Therefore our services are low cost. Also, we use the eco pest control Adelaide service. So do not think much, and reach us. Ring us at 08 7184 0913.

    Innovative Pest Eradication in All Suburbs of Adelaide

    Each unwanted pest in your home or business is the objective of our pest treatment. We only use eco-friendly pest control methods to eradicate them. Our professional exterminator Adelaide will perform the appropriate treatment as soon as they have inspected the region. We give exclusive pest control Adelaide’s northern suburbs to provide you with the best results. No matter in which part you are. We are accessible to all the places near Adelaide. Our branches are spread all over Adelaide to give you the emergency service. Therefore, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We are always happy to help you.

    Effective Termite Inspection And Control Treatments Are Available Around The Clock In Adelaide

    Termites are one of the most destructive pests. And can intensely damage furniture in a very less time. We offer complete termite inspection and control services. Importantly, our termite treatments are available throughout Adelaide all round the clock. Termites usually enter the property through tiny cracks. Hence, it is difficult to prevent and control them. But using our services, you get to experience effective termite pest solutions. Initially, we will do a comprehensive termite pest inspection. We also provide pre-purchase termite inspection services. This is followed by advanced pest control treatment. Our team will use chemical methods like fumigation for effective results. Therefore, we have a dedicated termite control team in Adelaide. They will provide hassle-free termite control services for you. Call today and book our services to control termites.

    Reviews: What Our Clients Are Saying

    Extremely Satisfied

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    February 21, 2023

    I recently used the services of Sams Pest Control Adelaide for pest control in my home and I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. The team was prompt in their response, arrived on time and completed the job efficiently.

    Celyse Bell

    Reasonable Prices

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    February 12, 2023

    The service provided by Sams Pest Control was top-notch and the results were fantastic. I am now completely pest-free and feel much more comfortable in my home. The pricing was reasonable and competitive with other pest control companies in the area.

    Kylie Brown

    Very Professional

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    February 3, 2023

    I recently used a pest control service for a rat infestation in my home and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the results. The technician who came to my house was very professional and knowledgeable.

    Euroa Cooper


    • The time taken depends on the property type and the infestation’s intensity. Moreover, mostly it will take around 30 minutes to a few hours to get the pest control work done completely. The results are seen where the pest dies and the pest control is effective for a long time.

    • How do these pests infest the home?

      There are multiple ways where a pest can infest your home. The number one reason is dirty homes. And even if your home is clean, the pest can travel and get in your home through cracks and crevices. Therefore, maintaining your home is the key to a pest-free home.

    • Can I go to sleep on my mattress after bed bug pest control treatment?

      Most probably yes. Experts recommend washing your sheets before you sleep on your treated mattress to get rid of the dead bed bugs. Also, you can do a light vacuum as well.

    • How quickly can the expert reach my home in Adelaide?

      Pest control Adelaide experts show up at your home according to your convenience and start the treatment. In case of an emergency, you can easily book the same day services and our expert will reach your place within the same day.

    • Do I need to go out of my house when you perform pest control treatment?

      Mostly it depends on the treatment that is been done and the kind of pest we are dealing with. Also, in case of severe infection, we do perform a fumigation process and accordingly our experts will give you the instructions and keep your safety in mind.