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Getting frustrated by seeing mice all over your premises? If yes, then inform us. We at Sams Pest Control Adelaide provide effective mice control service taking less time. Our company has a license and is insured to carry out mice control Adelaide services. Hence, we provide timely service. Therefore, we have a separate and experienced team for it. In addition, our team carries out this task with full dedication without bothering the clients. 

Hence, for complete removal of mice from your premises call us right away at 08 7184 0913 and get a detailed quotation. Therefore, we are also available on Sundays and bank holidays. In addition, you can read positive feedbacks given by our past customers. So, don’t wait for more and get a clean environment ASAP!

Mice Control Adelaide

What Is The Resistive Nature of The Rodents

Over the years, when we use the same rodenticides, they lose their effectiveness because rodents develop resistance against such rodenticides. This is called the resistive nature of rodents. Many times in the past, people and professionals have faced problems in eradicating rodents because of this. It does not happen in 1-2 years. This can take 1-2 decades. As we know many pesticides and rodenticides we have been using for many decades, rodents might have developed resistivity against some of them. So, we keep this in mind when we provide treatment. You can also consider this factor if your treatment is not working.

Our Services

Benefits of Hiring our Mice Control Service in Adelaide

  • Available on bank holidays. Quick response
  • Pre-purchase as well as the end of lease termite inspection service
  • Safe and modern tools. High-quality service
  • Effective result. Longer time protection
  • Ecologically friendly. Harsh free chemicals
  • Licensed and native mice controllers

We Work With Every Type Of Rodent Species In Adelaide And Effectively Exterminate Them

We offer the total eradication of all rodent species to save your family from dangerous illnesses and health concerns. The full list of rodent species that we handle within Adelaide is provided here.

  • Control of Norway Rats- They range in size from 20 to 40 cm and are brownish-grey. They also have long tails, tiny ears, and blunt noses. We use traps and baits to trap these types of mice. 
  • Brown Rat Management- These rats have a pointed nose, broad ears, and greyish-brown hair. They are larger than other rodent types and have long, scaly tails. Our professionals employ a very effective trapping strategy to eradicate brown rats. 
  • Black Rat Management- Black rats resemble brown fats in appearance, but they are considerably leaner. They also have very long tails and big ears. They are also greyish to brown with a light grey underside. Using the right rodenticides ensures no rat is left behind.
  • Roof Rat Management: They are dark to brown in colour and range in length from 15 to 24 cm. To permanently eradicate roof rats, our specialists employ a mix of physical and chemical treatments.
  • Control of House Mouse- These brown and grey house mice measure between 8 and 10 cm. They also have huge and tiny heads. Second, they are located in areas where people are present and typically lurk in basements, attics, or gaps and crevices. House mice can also be quickly caught using physical bait and removed from your premises.

The Importance of Professional Rodent Control

The presence of rats has significant negative health and economic effects. Several of the illnesses that rats spread might be harmful to human health. In addition to spreading diseases, rats devour and destroy food. The quick removal required by sudden item destruction leads to the waste of food and other goods. Long-term rat invasions can cause food spoiling because rodent urine and faeces can harbour dangerous, disease-causing pathogens.

Constantly keep an eye out for rodents. It is preferable to put a swift end to them before they start causing a mess inside your home. To do so, you can consider professionals. You will be saved from all problems mentioned above when you consider professional control. So it is very important to consider professionals to get rid of rodent infestations.

Our Treatments For Your Rodent Problems

All of the techniques employed by our team offer longer-term rodent protection. Consequently, you can rely on our reliable rodent management service to keep your property safe and pest-free:

  • Area Inspection: We properly examine the place and get an outline of the services we need to perform. Inspections give us a brief knowledge of the spread of rodents and the damage that rodents have caused.
  • Traps And Baits: Additionally, we will even set up baits in the rodent-infested region and keep an eye on them. As a result, employing baits makes it simpler to trap rodents like rats. This is therefore the most reliable and secure way to maintain your valuables free of rodents.
  • Chemical Treatment: Only safe pesticides are used by our rodent controllers. These chemicals help get rid of pests without endangering people. Additionally, neither adults nor children nor animals are harmed by our rodent control solutions. Our professionals ensure no one is impacted during the procedure. Moreover, we make sure to spray the insecticide where rodents are most likely to occur.
  • Follow-Up Treatment: Even after the completion of our services we provide our customers with following-up visits. So as to ensure that your place is free from rodents.
  • Dead Rodent Removal: Removing dead rats is essential. The rats will disintegrate and produce a foul odour if they are not eliminated. As a result, our local rat control experts can ensure that each and every deceased rodent is taken out of the building.

Proven Steps to make your Property Mice Free

We almost covered the entire area of Adelaide and its nearby places. In addition, we are also ready to inspect public locations of Adelaide such as hotels, schools, shopping malls, and many more. Hence, the process we follow which eliminating the mice is given below:

  • Mice inspection: firstly, we will inspect each corner of the premises thoroughly, and then suggest the different treatments against the mice with complete charges.
  • Mice treatment: After deciding the plan, we start eliminating the root cause of mice by spraying hand fillers at mice-infested areas. These pesticides are chemical-free to protect your family and loved ones.
  • Reporting and future advice: After pesticides, we will ensure to remove all the dead mice from your premises and makes a detailed report of your premises. In addition, we will also suggest some tricks and tips to prevent your possessions from mice in the future. 

Hence,  we are the right people to choose. Thus, call us today for the mice control service.

Our Rodent Control Professional Can Provide Services Adelaide-Wide

Our company’s main goal is to provide rodent control services to the maximum number of people possible. Therefore, we provide our service all across and near Adelaide. Thus you can appoint us easily if you are located in Adelaide’s suburbs. Burnside, Glenside, Wattle park, Tranmere, Albert Park and Findon to name a few are the places we provide our exclusive rodent control services. Thus, do not miss the chance to hire us for the service. We are here 365 days a year for you.

For Prompt Rodent Control Service, Reach Out To Us

To get the urgent rodent control service in Adelaide, you can simply reach out to us. With our first-class and modern approach, we provide you with prompt rodent control service. The most hazardous disease carriers are rodents. They may also grow up to 10 inches in length. If you even spot one rodent inside your house this can be a sign that your house is infested with rodents. Contact us immediately to protect your house. We ask for very minimal rodent control prices for our service. Moreover, we never compromise on our services. We give superior quality service to all our customers. Thus you can easily trust us for the rodent control service.


Q.1: How long will it take to get rid of the rodents? 

The kind of infestation you have will determine the precise time to get rid of the rodents. In most cases, we can finish the treatment in around 60 minutes on average. 

Q.2: How effectively does rodent control affect rodents? 

All of the rats that are causing problems for you and your family will be eliminated via rodent control. We use the most effective rodent control tools to eliminate the rodents properly. You can see the change on the first day of our service. 

Q.3: Can I eradicate the rodents in my house? 

Although you can try DIY solutions to get rid of rats, these are not very efficient. Moreover, they are very time-consuming and are not safe. Therefore it is suggested to hire a professional.

Mice Control Adelaide
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