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Worried About The Ant Infestation In Your Home? Call SAMS Pest Control Adelaide Expert Team

In search of the best ant pest control Adelaide company? Contact SAMS Pest Control Adelaide. We are here to solve the ant infestation problem in your home. Ants are not harmful yet these creatures can sometimes damage many of the food items and other things in your home. Besides, it is irritating to see them moving around in different corners. We use eco-friendly and highly effective solutions to remove the ants from your place.

Moreover, we have a highly experienced ant control Adelaide team to treat different types of ants. Whether it is pharaoh ants, garden ants, carpenter ants, or odorous ants, we can remove it all by applying the right solution and pest control techniques.

Ant Control Adelaide

Industry Leader For Ant Control and Treatments in Adelaide

Sams Pest Control Adelaide has a team of insured and industry certified specialists in Adelaide. We conduct ant inspections to locate their colonies and check out for reliable treatments that are within your budget.

Ants are not that harmful until they make colonies in your office or homes. They prefer living in the basement area, garden, kitchen and anywhere where the food is. And removing ant colonies from the wall cracks, pavements and ground is a daunting task. But, with our advanced ant control solutions, you can get an ant-free place in no time.

We have been industry leaders for ant control and treatments in Adelaide for many years. Additionally, we are up for same day and emergency ant prevention services. Not only our ant controllers but we as a company are licensed and insured. So, if you wish to get an ant treatment done at your Adelaide place, look no further and book us now.

Thinking on which property you can call us for pest control? Well, we provide ant treatments to both residential and business locations. We make sure every client receives rapid response and fast ant control whenever he/she chooses us. Even scheduling a booking with us is simple. Directly call us on our toll-free [08 7184 0913].

Our Services

What can you expect from us when you appoint us for ant control Adelaide Services?

We follow a step by step process to control ants. If you are wanting to get an ant control service from us, we want you to have a look at what we do in ant control service.

  • Ant Inspection: We begin with the control process with a detailed inspection of ants at your property. During ant inspection, our experts will locate the areas where the ant has made their colonies. Then, our ant control Adelaide specialists will examine ant type, size of the colony, their trails, a lifetime of colony and all the entry points to your indoors.

  • Ant Treatment: As per the findings in inspection, we will form a tailored ant control plan. The ant exterminators will let you know about the reliable ant control method and necessary suggestions for you while we perform the treatment.

    We will apply treatment to all areas of your property that have a suspicion of causing further infestation, including walls, roofs, garden beds, boundaries, subfloors, basement and other related sites.

  • Follow up & Documentation: Towards the end of the ant control service, we reinspect your property for ants and check whether the treatment has been done accurately. We then recommend some ant prevention tricks and how to keep your property ant-free. Not to forget, we are always open for checkups and follow up services. You can ring our ant controllers whenever you want. We are readily available to assist you.

We Provide Professional Ant Removal Service In Adelaide

Our professional pest control solution will give you the most desired outcomes. We work with the utmost professionalism and make sure our clients are satisfied. Besides, we are a local and expert team of ant controllers who aim to give you peace of mind with our service. Also, we understand that pests like roaches, mice, and ants spread diseases, so we are here to give a permanent solution to get rid of these pests. To experience our professional ant treatment, contact us right away.

Signs Of Ant Infestation You Should Look For

There are different kinds of signs which will help you identify the ant infestation in your home. The following are the signs:

  • Ant Nests: The ant nests looks like a pile of soil or dirt. Moreover, a line of ants in your kitchen also resembles the infestation in your home.
  • Trails: There are many ants that leave behind the scent trails which directly lead to the food source. One of the most common signs of an ant infestation is the ant route.
  • The small dirt piles: In the outdoors, ants leave the dirt piles closer to their nests. Besides, carpenter ants are known to leave a pile of wood around their nest.

Common And Effective Ways To Remove Or Control Ant Infestation

  • Hire Professionals For Ant Inspection And Control: It is very important to get rid of ants by hiring professionals in the first place. A pest management professional will do a thorough inspection. Later, experts use the most appropriate solution to remove or control the infestation. Also, expert treatment and ongoing prevention techniques will help you in keeping the ant away in the future as well. 

  • Use Homemade Ant Traps: There are various types of homemade ant traps that you can try. Take a big glass bowl, and add the combination of borax and sugar, warm water, and peanut butter. Afterwards, divide the containers. Now, you can place the traps in different locations where you can see the ant infestation.

  • Use Chemicals For Ant Treatment: You can find chemical ant removal solutions in nearby hardware stores. Make sure you use are using chemical insecticides which are safe for humans and pets. Also, follow the label requirement properly. Mostly, the commercial ants spray and the solution doesn’t have a long effect, yet they can be used to control ants temporary.

Why It is Important To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home?

Ants enter your place in search of food and shelter. Besides, ants are well known to contaminate food. Ants bite cause redness and allergies. If a lot of ants attack you then it causes swelling and skin inflammation. Most people take an action only when they see a large ant infestation in their places. However, getting rid of the ants is important when you see the first sign. You need to reach out to an ant exterminator to get rid of these small insects quickly.

Hire Us For Commercial And Residential Ant Control Solutions In Adelaide

  • Ant Control In Residential Areas: Ants are most commonly present in your kitchens. Also, it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible as the infestation might become large. We are available to provide our ant control solution in different residential areas including private homes, apartments, and in different residential societies. Moreover, we give the finest house white ants and carpenter ants control service.
  • Commercial Ant Control: We have served lakhs of commercial clients and are trusted by many. Besides, we give the most affordable and highly effective ant control service in commercial areas of Adelaide. Our ant control Adelaide team is available to help you get rid of ants in commercial properties like restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges, kids’ health centres, hospitals, and many more.

We Have 20 Years Of Experience In Providing Professional Ant Pest Control Service

Our company has been providing the finest ant control services for more than 2 decades now. We are one of the oldest and most highly experienced ant control Adelaide teams. Besides, our local ant control service providers have proper knowledge about different types of ant infestation and give you the most reliable treatment. So, if you are searching for a trusted and experienced team of ant controllers in Adelaide, then contact us now.

Why Choose Our Company For Ant Control In Adelaide?

SAMS Pest Control Adelaide is a leading pest control company. We have a good reputation in the industry and hold rich experience. There are various reasons to choose us for ant control such as:

  • 24*7 Availability: We are available to take your calls 24*7. Besides, our team provides service 7 days a week.
  • Affordable service: The cost of our ant removal service is very nominal. Also, there are no hidden charges.
  • Safe Ant Control Solution: We mostly use organic ant control solutions. Our methods are safe yet highly effective.
  • Experienced Team: Our ant control Adelaide team is highly experienced. All our professionals hold proper certificates to control ants.

Get Our Service In Adelaide Wide And Also Its Nearby Locations

We are available to render our ant pest control service in all the places of Adelaide. Be it south Adelaide or north Adelaide, we can reach out to you anywhere. Also, we have a team that works in a nearby location in Adelaide as well. So, call us, take a quick appointment and share your exact address. We will send our team within the estimated time to provide you with the best ant control Adelaide service ever.

Ant Control Adelaide
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