• Yes! Each of our treatments is made from natural ingredients and is specifically formulated to affect the pests in question. Our team also asks that all of our customers allow for just a 2-hour leave period, involving dogs, so that the items may dry completely and be entirely safe and uninterrupted before your children and pets come home. During the procedure, all fish pools or aquariums must be wrapped with a watertight sheet or cloth.

  • What should I do before Sams Pest Control Adelaide show up?

    We advise you to:
    Remove all of the garments from the line.
    Clear any light items away from skirtings and wall panels. (The greater the reach to the skirtings, the greater successful the therapy.)
    All windows should be closed.
    Avoid using pressure nozzles to clean the exterior of your walls or window frames.
    Pet dishes should be removed or turned upside down.
    Pet feces should be removed from grassy areas.

  • Will the therapy have any impact on my agricultural crops or garden?

    As previously indicated, the goods we utilize are produced from natural sources, and hence have no influence on cultivation. All we ask is that you rinse your homegrown fruits and veggies before eating them, just as you would if you purchased them in a store.