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Sams Pest Control Adelaide operates a state-of-the-art firm here in Adelaide, which excels in offering many services when it comes to moth control. Though we have different local teams for different suburbs of Adelaide, we come together whenever there’s a need to. Because, only experienced and senior-level experts will know much more than any of the fresh batch experts or teams; for providing the same day, emergency services. In fact, for every moth pest out there, we have different methods and ways to deal with them in no time. Moth Control Adelaide experts can also be what you want if you’re looking for the best team across Adelaide. Ping us on [08 7184 0913].

Moth Control Adelaide

The Benefits On Hiring Sams Pest Control Adelaide’s Are Here

  • Makes the use of state-of-the-art tools
  • Treatments with completely safe solutions
  • Pocket-Saving service with experienced staff 
  • Local experts as different teams from Adelaide
  • Relentless bookings with upfront quotes 
  • Pre-purchase inspection and control service

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How Can You Identify Moths In Your House?

Indication of pantry moths:

  • You can see the eggs and larvae over the uncovered food. 
  • The moth droppings were all over the kitchen drawers and cupboard. 
  • Near the tube light, you can see dark-coloured moths flying all over. 
  • You can see holes in the packed food items.

Indication of cloth moths:

  • Your clothes having holes in them is the major indication of cloth moth.
  • The cloth fabric like wool or silk has grooves in it.
  • One can observe the moth’s wings lying down in the cupboard. 
  • Similarly, you can see moth droppings over your clothes.

Reach Your Expectations On Hiring Our Moth Control Adelaide Staff

  • Moth Control Inspection

Found a few signs like damages in papers, silky furrows, fabric tunnels, small irregular holes in curtains, carpets? Surely, perfect signs for moth infestation at home. Moreover, we also think that there may be more than one colony formation of moths if you notice this many signs. So, call for an emergency inspection for your place, because once you neglect their presence, they will cause severe damage. What do we exactly do during the inspection? Firstly, our Moth Control Adelaide experts will come to your place. Later, inspect for a moth infestation to identify the moth species. In addition to these, they will also assess to what extent the moths damaged your property.

  • Moth Control Treatment

Once our inspectors are done with both outdoor and indoor in-detail inspection, they will customise a treatment plan, on the basis of our survey. And for this treatment plan to be implemented, we come carrying the advanced tools and machinery. So, once we fix up with the perfect moth treatment after a lot of analysis and your confirmation, we proceed further. In fact, even before the treatment starts, we make certain plans, where each of our experts takes part as a team to complete the treatment. 

  • Moth Control Documentation And Follow Up

After total treatment and post-cleaning the area, we will move on with documentation and follow up things, where you get written details. In the document papers, we will explain to you the multiple steps we follow to get rid of moths and their larvae. Here, we will also mention treatment had your place went through and a part of pest control services, like insecticide spraying and fumigation. From these details, you will have a basic idea of what and how we did the complete moth control treatment. Apart from documentation, we also do follow up with moth control on giving our clients useful tips to prevent moths from their homes.

How Are Moths Harmful To Humans?

Yes, moths can be harmful. Moths can infest your home. These pests are mostly present in hotels, resorts, pantries, etc. Moths can contaminate the place. Also, these can cause several skin problems. If they invade your cupboard, they can destroy your clothing as they even feed on the fabrics. Moreover, they can lay their eggs on your clothes. There are two types of moths. Pantry moth and clothing moth. Pantry moth invades and contaminates the food. Whereas, a cloth moth destroys the clothes. You must clean and dry all the clothes before putting them back into the cupboard.

Why Residents of Adelaide Love To Choose Us For Moth Control Service?

To get rid of the moths on your property, you can engage our team. Additionally, our moth pest treatment costs are reasonable and modest. Have a look at how we are the best.

  • Certified moth control solutions: All our services are certified and legal. We have safe moth control techniques.
  • Local team: Our team is local to Adelaide. Therefore we are always on time. Moreover, we know all the government rules and follow them properly.
  • Short-notice appointment availability: Our team is always there to help customers in need. We can reach you 24 by 7 for help. Thus, never hesitate to contact us for the service.
  • Money Saving: Moreover, we have a minimal moth control price range. Thus our services will not affect your budget.
  • Effective method: Lastly, we use modern technology to control the moth invasion on your property. This gives proper elimination of moths in a quick manner.


Q.1: How are moths dangerous? 

Allergies may be triggered by moths and present themselves in various ways. The larvae of moths can harm your skin. Eczema, food allergies, allergic asthma, and anaphylaxis can all be brought on by moths. 

Q.2: Are your moth control services safe for us? 

Yes, we employ only safe moth control measures. Therefore there is no harm to anyone in your family. 

Q.3: Is it cost-effective to remove moths? 

Yes, getting rid of moths is cheap. Additionally, it is economical. As we aim to give the best service and not ask for high costs. Also, you will save your things which are damaged by moths. So it is a cost-effective option.

Moth Control Adelaide
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